Johnson Physical Therapy takes both insurance based patients and cash pay. Call 318.224.9148 to find out our cash pay rates.


Johnson Physical Therapy takes Direct Access! Direct Access means if you have private pay insurance or you wish to use the cash pay option, you as a patient have the ability to receive physical therapy treatment/services without a referral for therapy. This does not mean that we take the place of your primary care physician or specialist, it does however allow you the timely physical therapy care you may need to treat a musculoskeletal condition.


As an outpatient clinic, Johnson Physical Therapy provides the conventional treatment amenities historically found in the outpatient setting. However, we also offer unique treatment options which allow us to better assess and treat a patient’s condition.

Listed below are those services that make Johnson Physical Therapy so special.

Manual Therapy

A skilled, passive and quick movement of the joint and its neighboring soft tissues that is aimed at improving movement between the joint surfaces by breaking adhesions formed in and around the joint itself.

A tool-assisted, soft tissue technique aimed at improving elongation, contraction and relaxation of the involved soft tissue by decreasing frictional forces between the soft tissue layers.

A technique that utilizes a thin, solid filament needle to assist in the treatment of soft tissue pathology commonly referred to as a “Trigger Point”. The goal of Functional Dry Needling is to achieve the total relaxation of all muscle fibers and reset your muscle to a more efficient and relaxed state.

A soft tissue focused technique that aims at using a process known as “Soft Tissue Decompression” to break adhesions formed in the underlying tissue. In this technique cups are used to lift the tissue via negative pressure. Simultaneously the cup’s position is manipulated over the neighboring tissues to improve blood flow, remove stasis of fluid/byproducts, and lesson the effect of adhesion formation on underlying tissues.


This technology is used in the treatment of spinal compression dysfunction and is an excellent intervention for all ages and body types. Seated Axial Decompression is the latest form of decompression therapy and allows the therapist to better treat conditions of the back such as: degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, herniated/bulging disc with/without sciatica, and lumbar back sprain/strain (and many more).

A form of soft tissue compression that systematically flushes the treatment area from edema/swelling and aides in recovery time and lessons the pain associated with pressure build up near an acute injury/stressed tissue.

Pool Therapy

A form of therapeutic treatment which utilizes the water’s properties of buoyancy and resistance to aid in the treatment of conditions where offloading joints and soft tissues assists in the patient’s improvement and tolerance of treatment.


This is a tier movement system that allows the therapist to break down a patient’s movements quickly and more precisely. The vital information found through this assessment allows the therapist to better assess what is causing the patient’s issues and what treatments are best suited for the individual’s movement dysfunction. (SFMA is utilized in the assessment and treatment of NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA athletes)